Butterfield Quietly Edits Audio Referencing Her Stance on Preferred Pronouns

Butterfield Quietly Edits Audio Referencing Her Stance on Preferred Pronouns

After Diane Gaskins’ excellent report exposing Rosaria Butterfield’s documented position on using preferred gender pronouns, she began to quietly and secretly delete sources referencing her position on the subject. We now have evidence of Butterfield editing audio of her more salacious and scandalous comments on the subject, but she hasn’t noted any changes. They have simply been shoved down the memory hole.

After his lies were made known to the public, Ergun Caner quietly began editing or deleting audio and video from the Internet that contained his words. It was a part of a public image rebranding, largely unsuccessful, that ended up popularizing the term, “Canerize” (a term used by James White at AoMin). To Canerize something means to try to make it disappear without any trace or apology.

Butterfield has been quiet since Gaskins’ article was published, content to sit back and let James White stubbornly claim that she was not for preferred gender pronouns and attack Pulpit & Pen and Mrs. Gaskins for what he calls “slander.” We then released audio of Butterfield teaching that which James White categorically denied she ever taught.

Afterward, White released a statement to him from Butterfield claiming that she only changed her view after Obergefell v. Hodges (even though she’s on record after that Supreme Court decision). However, Butterfield has made no public statement repudiating her own views on preferred pronouns and, until days ago, kept the audio on her website.

However, that audio has now been edited. Listen below.

It’s easier just to openly repent and repudiate your position than try to hide your double-mindedness.

[Editor’s Note: HT Hiram Diaz III for noticing and providing the audio]

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