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Kyle J. Howard Says ‘Racial Trauma’ Made Him Fat

Kyle J. Howard, who is the chattel property of Beth Moore and the Evangelical Industrial Complex, says that racial trauma over the last two years has made him fat.

Howard is a professional student and community organizer who was raised in an affluent Atlanta suburb by two attorney parents. Howard happens to be as much of Caucasian descent as African, and he grew up in a predominately white community where he graduated from an award-winning school and took part in the debate club. Howard repeatedly tells tall tales, however, and claims that he was a popular underground ‘battle rapper’ who lived the gang-life as a youth. Although there are no corroborating witnesses to his testimony (Howard says he kept it secret from his girlfriend-turned-wife and his parents and all his gang members are dead or in prison), he continues to say widikuwuss things. We have a 2k bounty on information if anyone can support his gang life testimony.

Blaming others for becoming a fatty isn’t new. Pulpit & Pen covered an Oprah guest who claimed that black women are fat because of Donald Trump.

Howard recently made the claim that the racial trauma over the last two years has made him put on forty pounds of fat.

If, like Kyle J. Howard, you have been made fat from all the racial trauma out there, here’s a link to a great diet plan that can help you lose weight in 2020.