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First ‘Non-Binary’ Person Says ‘Transgenderism’ is Scam, Charade, Fraud

The first person to legally identify as “non-binary” on United States legal documents has now called transgenderism a “psychologically harmful legal fiction” and petitioned the court to change his “gender” back to the way God made him.

PJ Media obtained the court documents related to James Shupe, who was the first person to obtain a legal non-binary sex designation.

In those documents, Shupe testified that his non-binary designation was “psychologically harmful legal fiction.” 

“The charade of not being male, the legal fiction, it’s over,” James Shupe told the press on Tuesday.

“The lies behind my fictitious sex changes, something I shamefully participated in, first to female, and then to non-binary, have been forever exposed. A truthful accounting of events has replaced the deceit that allowed me to become America’s first legally non-binary person.”

Shupe continued, “The legal record has now been corrected and LGBT advocates are no longer able to use my historic non-binary court order to advance their toxic agenda. I am and have always been male. That is my biological truth, the only thing capable of grounding me to reality.

He explained the horror of trying to live a lie with the extents he had to go to in order to pretend he was a woman.

“I ended up in the psych ward three times because of hormones,” he said. “I had blood clots in my eyes because my estrogen levels were 2,585 instead of 200, low bone density, problems controlling my bladder, and emotional instability,” Shupe said. “Blood tests indicated I was dropping into kidney disease territory (EFGR below 60) for about 18 months, I had chronic dermatology issues and skin reactions to estrogen patches, I passed out on the kitchen floor from Spironolactone.”

Shupe was a hero to the LGBT movement but now has condemned it as toxic and a neurosis.

Good for him.