Your Santa Paraphernalia May Be Made By These Ladies

To demonstrate the gross commercialization of Christianity, completely divorced from the religion of Christ, this photo surfaced from Yahoo News.

This photo is of hijab-wearing Muslim women crafting Santa dolls in the Nation of Israel, which some, unfortunately, call the “Palestinian Territories.”

A group of women in black niqab veils are making ‘Santa’ figures in the northern Gaza Strip. The small factory in Palestine Israel is provided in this neighborhood to women who aren’t allowed to leave their little enclave because of how badly Muslims oppress women.

The factory is called the Zeina Cooperative in the village of Umm al-Nasser and the Santa gear is then sold on the market outside the Muslim community where possession of the objects – if found within their home – could lead to death.

If even Muslims are taking advantage of the Christmas holiday’s gross consumerism, maybe this should give us one more reason to keep the Holiday focused on the Christ-child.

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