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New Law Would Require Public Colleges to Give Free Abortions to Students

New York Assembly Bill A8743 would require all state colleges and universities to provide free abortions to students. There are more than 100 clinics dedicated to murdering babies in New York, but legislators want students to be able to commit abortion without having to miss class.

Harvey Epstein, the assemblyman proposing the legislation, said it’s too inconvenient to leave campus to get an abortion or be prescribed the abortion pill.

Epstein told the press...

“College students’ often busy schedules, lack of transportation options, and low-incomes present barriers to accessing abortion healthcare. Students who want to end an unintended pregnancy have to travel to off-campus providers, potentially missing classes and disrupting their studies.”

The legislation has three main parts. The first is that it amends Article 5, Title 1 of the state Education Law to add a new section that will make it state law that student health centers at public colleges make abortion medication techniques available.

The second section amends the state finance law to add a new section establishing a Public Colleges Student Health Center Abortion By Medication Fund that will fund it.

The third section adds a new section to the state Tax Law to make a contribution to the Public Colleges Student Health Center Abortion By Medication Fund on tax returns so bloodthirsty New Yorkers can contribute to the cause.