Kanye West Released ANOTHER Gospel Album on Christmas Day

A disappointment to many searching for signs of West’s true conversion after recently partnering in ministry with that Cheshire Cat-smiling, Jerry-curled mullet-wearing devil-in-the-flesh, Joel Osteen, Kanye West has released a new Christmas oriented gospel album entitled ‘Jesus is Born.’

The pace at which West is producing Christian music is blisteringly fast and surprised many with the album’s release.

The album was released on Christmas Day, a bit late to really take advantage of the seasonal sales, but sales isn’t what the artist seems most interested in these days. Whether his conversion is true or false, it seems that West really has been overtaken with some kind of deep religiosity.

According to NME, “‘Jesus Is Born’ features 19 tracks, including gospel versions of songs from his back catalog like ‘Ultralight Beam’ and songs that have featured at his various Sunday Service sessions throughout 2019. The album was executive produced by West and can be streamed…”

You can listen to the album below.

This follows on the heels of West’s musical, Mary, being released on December 22nd. The pace by which West is producing Christian music is dizzying.

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