‘Apostle’ Shows Off ‘Rapping in Tongues’

An “Apostle” is on video “rapping” in tongues. It’s as absurd as it sounds.

In three places in the Book of Acts, the Holy Spirit gave the gift of xenoglossia, or the gift of speaking foreign languages, as a sign to unbelieving Jews and to advance the Gospel. Charismatics today speak in ecstatic utterance (non-languages) that make no sense to anyone. The absurdity of this practice aside (which is practiced by cults around the world, from jungle-dwelling spiritists to Hindus), some try to top it with ever more fanciful versions of the superstition.

Ruvarashe Ngundu, from the United Kingdom, is a conference speaker and author. Her book, Beauty for Ashes, sells on Amazon and she is a frequent speaker and notable personality on the Pentecostal circuit in the UK.

Ngundu posted the video of an “Apostle O” rapping in tongues and said, “Atmosphere was electric at church yesterday as ALWAYS!! It even made Apostle O rap in tongues.”

Watch below.

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