Ravens QB, Lamar Jackson, Credits God During Press Conference

When asked what keeps him humble at a press conference, Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson, said, “I give Him all His praise. The glory, the honor.”

He continued, “I could have been doing anything, you know? It’s crazy. I’ve been talking to Him about it, just saying ‘I appreciate you. I thank you.’”

Jackson, who was selected for the Pro Bowl, went on to say “When you feel like you’re bigger than the Lord? That’s when all that success dies. It goes away. You have to let Him know He’s the reason you’re having that much success.”

“Just gotta keep going,” Jackson continued. “And let the Lord know He’s number one.”

Although the Pope was given a signed copy of one of Jackson’s jerseys by the Baltimore Ravens (Baltimore is the premier see, or headquarters) of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, it is unknown if Jackson himself is a Papist.