Church Attacks Prosperity Preacher When They See His Range Rover, Demand Tithe Back

A pastor in Ghana promised prosperity to his church if they would give everything they have “to God.” After the destitute people gave the prosperity preacher everything they have, he went and purchased a Range Rover. It’s then that they tracked him down, pulled him out of the vehicle, and pummeled him.

The pastor was grabbed while entering a government building by the youth of the congregation and beaten for squandering the church’s money on his own prosperity and a luxury vehicle.

Other local reports indicate that the pastor was taking the funds and investing them in a get-rich-quick scheme, but that the money either didn’t return the prosperity promised to the congregants or it was never invested at all.

News reports indicate that the pastor’s name is Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri, and is the pastor of the Zoe Outreach Embassy in Ghana. He was attacked at Tarkwa Circuit Court in Tarkwa, Western Region, having to answer for writing bad checks.

Apparently, watching him show up in the Range Rover was too much for people to bear and they beat the living tar out of him.

Watch below.

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