Pulpit & Pen’s Most Read Posts of 2019

As a tradition, we post the top-read posts at the end of each year. This year, these top-tens posts (in order of total views, not Facebook shares; please note, some shares are more numerous than views depending upon when the article was published) are in descending order…

Clayton Jennings Attacks, Doxes Victims, with 3,954 shares and 85,464 views.

Joel Osteen Attends Lady Gaga Pride Event, with 60.9k shares and 85,595 views.

It’s Legal: New Yorkers Can Murder For Age, Economic, Social, Emotional Factors, with 373.1k shares and 95,935 views

Why Hillsong Music is Dangerous for Your Church, with 6,578 shares and 98,907 views.

Hillsong’s Pastor Tells Child Molestation Victim ‘It’s Your Fault, You Tempted Him, with 152.6 shares and 133,409 views (again, shares are compiled since the posts beginning, views are only for 2019)

Memphis High School Crowns Boy as Homecoming King, with 224.1k shares and 153,094 views.

The View Changes Worship Song Into Anti-Trump Ballad, with 124.4k shares and 181,892 views.

Mormon Church Posts Picture of Obi Wan Kenobi, Thinks It’s Jesus, with 140.1k shares and 206,961 views

California Democrats Introduce Bill to Protect Pedophiles, with 750.6k shares and 251,572 views.

Proposed Bill Puts Homeschool Kids in Same Category As Abused and Neglected, with 573.3k shares and 297,246 views.

Thank you to those who have shared our posts and material, helping to get out there there important reporting about liberalism, cults, fake Christians and real skalawags.

With more than 11 million readers so far this year, we are incredibly thankful for your patronage and support.

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