Memphis Highschool Crowns Boy As Homecoming Queen

A boy who pretends to be a girl was crowned homecoming queen at a Memphis High School. With the full support of the faculty and staff, the students decided to demonstrate that anything girls can do, boys can do better.

Brandon Allen (17) was crowned “Royal Court,” a gender-neutral term implemented by the school this year in order to include boys and girls in the wrong gender category.

However, Allen still preferred to use the word, “Queen.”

He said, “Thank you to everyone who has contributed to me becoming queen. You guys truly looked stunningly beautiful and I am so honored to have been able to walk with you guys!!”

Allen accepted the award in a gold sequin off-the-shoulder gown, diamante tiara and holding a floral bouquet.

The school’s principal cited Title IX regarding non-discrimination, saying, “Here’s the thing: it’s Brandon’s right to run for homecoming court under Title IX. It’s the students’ choice of who they want to support as homecoming royalty. I’m exceedingly proud to be the principal of our amazing school.”

White Station High School in Memphis doesn’t understand basic human anatomy, biology, genetics, or medical science. Neither does it grasp logic. It is not a “wonderful school” and should probably be avoided by parents who want a bright, sane future for their children.

This seems to be a trend in high schools throughout the country. Consider this high school, where administration removed the tradition of King and Queen and crowned two girls instead and in Clovis, California, another male was crowned homecoming queen shortly after this.

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