Free E-Book: “A Patriot’s Catechism of the U.S. Constitution” by JD Hall

Because we reached our first goal of 99 patrons (we shot up towards 108 or so virtually overnight), we are sending out to you the free ebook, “A Patriot’s Catechism of the United States Constitution,” written by JD Hall. It is a catechism explaining the United States Constitution and all amendments, designed to instruct children and youth. Commentary is also provided throughout, explaining how a Christian should view government through the lens of the Bible. 

Everyone who is currently a Patreon supporter (any supporter level) – or will be by the end of day on Sunday, October 6 – will receive a free e-book version of “A Patriot’s Catechism” and Expositor-level patrons will get the free paperback version when it is published in print. 

If you would like to subscribe to P&P via Patreon by Sunday, you will receive the free e-book. If you prefer to wait until it is published and are not an expositor-level patron, you may buy the paperback version from Crown and Cross Books.