Two Girls Elected Homecoming “Royalty” as School Removes King and Queen Tradition

OCT 4, 2019 MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL, MILFORD, OHIO: Trinity Miller and Abigail Stropes are honored at midfield Friday, Oct. 4 at as Milford High School's homecoming Royalty honorees as selected by their peers. The Ohio high school has done away with the gender roles of homecoming king and queen forever so that any two students can be elected to the two Homecoming Royalty spots.

An Ohio high school crowned two girls homecoming “royalty” instead of having a king and queen at Friday night’s football game.

One of the female students was running on the King’s ballot, but Millford High School later announced on their public Facebook page that they will no longer continue the tradition of crowning a male and female as King and Queen. Instead, Millford will now have two students be “royalty.”

The Facebook announcement, found here, states:

At Friday’s football game, Milford High School crowned two female students as Homecoming Royalty. In past years, Milford High School has crowned a female homecoming queen and a male homecoming king. This year, because the “king and queen” are two female students, they will be referred to as “Homecoming Royalty.” This change in terminology was made to reflect the voice of Milford’s student body and to ensure all students have the opportunity to feel included.

This high school is one of many doing away with the traditional gender roles of homecoming King and Queen.