“Christianity Today” Must Be Replaced with Alternative Christian Media

It is time that the evangelical establishment’s flagship publication, Christianity Today, be replaced with alternative Christian media. We have the power, the numbers, and the readership to topple the liberal rag magazine and replace it with something that represents real evangelicals (the type who actually go to church, believe the Bible, and vote Republican).

The uber-leftist Christianity Today editor-in-chief, Mark Galli, ran an editorial in the magazine yesterday, calling for the U.S. Senate to affirm the impeachment findings of the Democrat members of the House of Representatives against President Donald J. Trump. This is shocking to mainstream news consumers who assume that Christianity Today (CT) speaks for evangelicals. But for those familiar with Pulpit & Pen, you are well-aware that CT – known as Christianity Astray by our readership – is a tool of the Evangelical Intelligentsia used as a political machine to drive evangelical voters to the left.

We recently posted Top Three Liberal Articles from Democrat Rag, Christianity Today. In that post, you’ll see the gross liberalism that they espouse (and it is gross).

CT has been overtaken by Democrat dark money and the Evangelical Intelligentsia (which is funded largely by Clinton Global Initiative member and convicted felon, James Riady, Democrat financier, George Soros, and the Kern Family Foundation).

Their online readership is massive, even though their print publication – like all print publications – is dying. They’re basically having to give the print version away for free and hovers at about 200k in publication.

On Alexa, a web-ranking service, places Christianity Today at 6,905 in the United States. Pulpit & Pen ranks at 7,492 – a hair’s breadth from a publication funded by deep Democrat money and with a full-time writing staff and tons of publicity.

Pulpit & Pen, on the other hand, a low-down and despicable, despised (supposedly) discernment blog has a shoe-string budget, volunteer writers, a couple of staff members on a stipend, and a team of freelancers from around the world working for peanuts. We are headquartered in a pastor’s study in rural Montana and the majority of our work is done from laptops stationed in residential houses around the country.

Behind Pulpit & Pen are all the alternative Christian news websites we have carved out a niche for in the marketplace including Reformation Charlotte, Capstone Report, and so many more. Together, especially, we can beat the “flagship publication” of America’s fake evangelicals.

Here are ways you can help throw Christianity Today in the dustbin of history where they belong and give ordinary Christ-followers a voice through alternative media:

Support P&P from our Patreon page. Even the smallest amount helps us beat the big guys, as we are already beating other leftist rags like Religion News Service (funded by a Soros dark money grant, by the way) and Relevant Magazine. When you do stuff, you get full-access to stuff like podcasts that not everybody gets.

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God loves the underdog. He loves confounding the wise with what is perceived as ‘foolishness.’ He loves exalting the poor and making lowly the proud. God loves using his heralds who are in the wilderness to change the world.

Please support Pulpit & Pen and any alternative Christian media you can find.

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