‘Transgender’ Athlete Infuriated Women Don’t Want to Shower With Him

Callum Mouncey is 6’2, weighs 220 pounds, goes by the name “Hannah” and pretends to be a woman. He also beats the living daylights out of women in the International Women’s Handball Federation. Like, he literally hurts them. He’s basically a giant compared to the women he competes against. And he is livid that they don’t want to shower with him.

Mouncey, who was not invited to attend the IHF Handball Championship in Japan, wrote in an Australian publication

“I can confirm that, yes, I was left out of the team for the World Championships because there was a group of players within the team, supported by the team manager, who did not want me showering or using the change rooms before or after the game.”

(woman, left; not a woman, right)

He continued, “This was, in turn, the sole reason given to me by our coach for my non-selection. I later had it confirmed by someone else within Handball Australia who had done some digging that: ‘From everything I’ve been told, you’ve basically not been picked because you’re not liked.'”

And again he said, “And the reason I’m not liked is because I told our manager, and by extension those players, exactly where he and they could go in trying to tell me where I could change and shower.”