Planned Parenthood to Set Up Shop INSIDE 50 Los Angeles High Schools

Planned Parenthood, which does not offer any “women’s health” services unless they are related to the abortion procedure, is opening facilities inside 50 different Los Angeles-area high schools in order to make customers out of underaged teen girls without their parents getting in the middle.

Although the surgical abortion procedure will not be offered inside the high school facilities, Planned Parenthood will offer “pregnancy counseling,” which is shorthand for “referring them to abortion clinics to have babies mercilessly vacuumed out of their wombs.” They will also offer birth control (including abortifacient birth control) and the morning-after abortion pill.

The Washington Post announced the partnership between the Los Angeles City School District and the abortion provider, and claims that the new Planned Parenthood centers in the school facilities will serve “at-risk youth.”

The 16-million dollar project will be funded by 10-million from the school and 6-million from the abortion giant and will also train high school students on peer-to-peer counseling on “safe sex.”

New policies for the partnership include rules that students may have an excused leave of absence from classes to visit the Planned Parenthood clinics on campus, the school will not keep records of their visits, and parents cannot be notified their children are receiving birth-control or medical “assistance” without their minor’s permission.

We repeat: Parents cannot be told their kids are visiting Planned Parenthood without the minor’s permission.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles student handbook explicitly forbids the use or dispensing of medication without the explicit written permission of parents and administering by the school office. That which is prescribed or handed out by Planned Parenthood, however, does not have to follow such guidelines.