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Santa is Gay, Married To Another Santa in New Children’s Book

In a new children’s book, Saint Nicolaus is a gay black man in an interracial marriage. The interracial marriage part isn’t the slightest bit concerning, but if Santa is gay, this probably affects whether or not parent want children to sit on his lap.

As reported by the HuffPo, publisher Harper Design “announced plans to release Santa’s Husband, which re-casts Kris Kringle as a black man in an interracial, same-sex relationship.”

The book follows Santa’s life in the North Pole, in which his white husband fills in for him at shopping malls while he – the real black Santa – does all the real work back on the North Pole.

It sounds a little suspicious, with Black Santa sending out his spouse so he can be left alone with all the little elves, but we digress.

The idea started by a writer for Stephen Colbert, who was looking for ways to pervert the Christmas season and to teach his kids dumb things about the Santa tradition.

The book has been turned into a reality. Reportedly, it’s a picture book and mostly is just illustrated portraits of gay Santas looking dreamingly into each other’s eyes.