‘Muhammad’ Breaks Top-Ten Baby Names in the U.S.

According to Baby Center of the United States, “Muhammad” is not in the top 10 baby names given for boys in the United States. The name was at the 14th spot in 2018 but has climbed to spot #10 in 2019.

Muslims name their baby boys “Muhammad” to honor the demon-possessed prophet who married his 6-year-old cousin and consummated the marriage at nine. The founder of Islam, who taught no shortage of villainy and deceit, is the namesake for more than 150 boys and men around the world.

An Arabic-origin name for girls, Aaliyah, ranked as this year’s 10th most popular name for American baby girls on BabyCenter. Two Biblical names for boys – Elijah and Noah – also rank in the top 10.

However, according to the Social Security Administration, the number of Muhammads in the United States has nearly doubled in the last two decades, from 620 in 2000 to 345 in 2019.

However, comparing the figures of the Social Security Administration to Baby Center (which uses data compiled from hospitals and surveys) that many baby Muhammads are not registering for Social Security cards in the United States, either because of immigration status or because they are “under the radar” of the United States federal government.

How many Muhammads are living in the United States but without proper government documentation?

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