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Catholic Charity, Covenant House, Goes Pro-Gay

The largest homeless ministry in the United States and a prominent Roman Catholic charity, Covenant House, is now on the LGBT bandwagon.

Covenant House was founded Bruce Ritter, a Franciscan priest, in 1972. Ritter was later embroiled in an abuse-scandal in which he was accused of molesting the young men coming in for shelter off the street.

It was first formed in Manhattan and Staten Island but now operates in 21 cities throughout the United States, Central America, and Canada.

The charity is still a dues-paying member of Catholic Charities and Catholic Charities of New York.

Covenant House says that LGBTQ youth need to be “celebrated” and has received a $200k grant to “enhance services to LGBTQ.”

An “LGBTQ” Inclusion Test was implemented in every Covenant House location in 2017.