Joy Behar Says ‘Only Homophobes’ Think Gay Marriage Isn’t Traditional

Homosexual ‘marriage’ (not that such a thing exists in reality) wasn’t normalized in western culture until the twenty-first century and wasn’t de-criminalized until 2015. Regardless of history, Joy Behar recently said on The View that only homophobes would view gay marriage (so long as it is monogamous) as anything less than “traditional.”

Behar said about Pete Buttigieg, a homosexual Democratic primary presidential candidate who is leading in the latest New Hampshire primary polls…

“People are excited about Buttigieg. He’s fresh, he’s new, he’s gay, he’s a serviceman, he served in Afghanistan. He’s married in a very – unless you are a homophobe, he’s married in a very traditional marriage, you know? Totally monogamous.”

To Behar, it seems that all marriages that aren’t polyamorous or polygamic are traditional. Fast forward to about the 45 second mark.

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