Crisis Pregnancy Centers Offering Abortion Drugs, Replacing Planned Parenthood

Treatment tablets. Close-up of a white pill in woman’s fingers.

Showing the powerful law of supply-and-demand, some “pro-life” crisis pregnancy centers are starting to offer their clients abortion-causing drugs as abortion clinics are closing around them. A major anti-abortion alliance in Texas comprised of eight abortion-alternative clinics told the Washington Post that they are offering “contraception choices” now that Planned Parenthood has withdrawn from Title X funding. Aiming for the money that Planned Parenthood left behind, now pro-life clinics are offering abortifacient drugs.

“A person’s a person no matter how small”- Dr. Seuss

Although the ‘barrier method’ controls conception, medicinal options – including that known as the ‘birth control pill’ – actually contains abortifacient properties that will often allow conception but prevent implantation. This means that the pill may fail to prevent a life from being conceived, and then succeed in keeping that life from implanting in the womb.

Babies who are killed by chemical warfare are just as precious to God as those killed by blunt instruments. It’s absolutely tragic that crisis pregnancy centers are picking up Title X funding that was left behind by Planned Parenthood to provide abortifacients to pregnant women.

The Texas crisis pregnancy chain is called The Source, and they promise to provide all the toxins once offered by Planned Parenthood except for Plan B, a drug that more explicitly advertises its abortifacient qualities. However, Plan B is just a stronger dose of the regular birth control pill, which will be offered by The Source.

Lifesite News reports…

The chain also says it will provide a range of contraceptive methods including pills, injections, and intrauterine devices (IUDs), but draws the line at Plan B due to its abortifacient nature. But Plan B isn’t the only contraceptive method with abortive potential; IUDs, for instance, can also function by preventing an already-conceived embryo from implanting in a woman’s uterine lining, resulting in death.

Many abortion abolitionists believe that the pro-life movement has become an industry that actually relies upon the continued legalization of abortion to remain financially stable. Pro-life organizations, like most organizations, have become first and foremost invested in their own institutional survival. This means that aspects of the pro-life movement are motivated by money and financial solvency. Unfortunately, that has led The Source crisis pregnancy chain to do the job once done by Planned Parenthood.

This story, more than most others, makes clear the danger of the pro-life movement when not wed exclusively to the desire for total abolition of abortion.