Lutheran Church Paying for Hormone Blockers for Pastor’s ‘Transgender’ Pre-Teen Son

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (the first three words italicized are lies) is proudly paying for one of the pastors to inject their preteen son with hormone blockers in order to “make him a girl.”

An ECLA pastor’s wife, Jamie Bruesehoff, celebrated getting hormone treatment torture for her son earlier this month on Facebook. The harsh and foreign chemicals will attempt to keep the boy from going into puberty so he will appear more girl-like.


The woman and her wicked husband are injecting the boy with an implant that will curb the development of testosterone and other puberty-induced natural and normal bodily hormones.

God made their child a boy, but they insist on trying to undo what God has done. Watch this incredible video below.

Unsurprisingly, Brusesehoff identifies as “queer” even though she’s married to a man. Isn’t it interesting how it is always perverted parents who have “transgender” kids?

Brusesehoff apparently has no time for the Word of God, saying that she deletes anyone that accuses her of wrong-doing immediately.