Video: Pulpit & Pen Publisher Confronts Jim Bakker During Live Program

As of today, Charisma Mag is still quoting Jim Bakker as an authority on Christian doomsday prophecy. Jim Bakker, the felonious scoundrel and alleged rapist who laps up his foolishness like a dog returns to vomit, is primarily a survival supply salesman. He terrifies the elderly with tales of doom and gloom and then takes their social security check in exchange for freeze-dried food slop buckets.

Jim Bakker was confronted about his false prophecies by P&P Publisher, JD Hall.

Hall shouted out Scriptures to Bakker about false prophecy and was removed by studio security. Bakker looked on and told people to trust the ‘men of God.’

You can watch below.

Read more about that encounter here.

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