‘Transgender’ Parents Claim A ‘Transgender’ Child

The first two-generation “trans” family is getting a lot of blowback as they have announced their son is transitioning into a girl. This startling news comes out of Glasgow, Scotland. The parents, Jody and Greg Rogers from Glasgow said they both suffered abuse online and in their hometown following the announcement.

First, this couple is in a bit of a mix-up prior to the boy, Jayden, entering the picture. Step-dad, Greg, a biological woman is living with another woman, Jody, the boy’s mother. Add to this the strange phenomenon of a 5-year-old transitioning and this unit becomes a real-live munster family.

Greg says his own transition from a biological woman is not the catalyst. Greg denies that Jayden’s desire springs from knowing about his stepdad’s past.

Second, Jayden had a hearing difficulty, and since the operation, he underwent about a year ago, he has since maintained that he wants to be a girl. His mother, Jody sometimes speaks of the boy “being a girl.” Jayden puts on dresses, painting his nails, and plays at being a princess from the movie, Frozen.

It is yet to be determined whether the parents have foisted the notion of sex-change upon the child. Speculation as to whatever reason this may be the case will be unending until the truth comes to light. However, the circumstances look awfully suspicious for a child to suddenly and adamantly make such a drastic desire.

Responsible parents would not indulge in such wild fantasies of a 5-year-old child. Surely, this is precisely why the parents have been shunned in their home community. They are allowing the boy to parade himself as a girl and are apparently quite proud of it!

This double abomination is unthinkable.

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