Kanye’s Latest Interview Reveals More of His Faith And Calling

In an interview with Zane Lowe, megastar Kanye West at forty-two reveals more about various facets of his life but links it all to the service of God. This took place on Kanye’s property in Wyoming. Amidst comments on manufacturing, factories, farming, and what he calls his job, making music, Kanye insists that it is all about God’s will. His projected album was released today: Jesus is King!

Many are skeptical about his conversion, which Kanye dates to April earlier this year. It appears that he has been on a trajectory towards his current convictions for a number of years, including his hospitalization back in 2016. Indeed, West affirms that from his birth his journey was a leading by light and that God is the ultimate time-keeper. In some instances, Kanye shows a keen sense of reality, neither presuming on God nor fearing difficult days ahead.

As one that has not been following West’s career, it was interesting to observe his interaction with Lowe, who has interviewed West a few times prior. Kanye West is a confident, well-spoken, intelligent man. His zeal for being a “Christian Innovator” is noticeable. His testimony included some raw moments and it bristled with honesty. So far as one can tell, there is no hint that Kanye has been infected with the prosperity ‘gospel.’

There are snippets of a man that has experienced grace and that has been born again. He evidences from his testimony that he has repented and is completely dedicated to serving Christ from now on. He plans a Christmas album to be released in December, “Jesus is Born.” Whether he matures in faith and lives fully as a disciple freed by the truth remains to be seen. There are a few comments that make one wonder, such as his comment about his status as an entertainer, which he now renounces. This writer hopes that Kanye will get good teaching and grow in his new-found faith. The Apostle Peter spoke in the Bible about the “true grace of God.” May this be Kanye’s true anchor.

[Author’s Note: One may access the interview here]

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