Mohler, Duncan Pile On MacArthur After His Godly Rebuke of Beth Moore

“I will fight error, but I will not fight my friends” – John MacArthur

John MacArthur said at Shepherd’s Conference earlier this year that he would not fight his friends, referring to Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and Mark Dever. Those three men are at the heart of a Social Justice movement and their institutions – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 9Marx, and Reformed Theological Seminary – are promoting the very worst and most toxic of the movement.

Unfortunately, MacArthur only implemented a one-sided truce. This is the inevitable outcome when you try to make peace with tyrants or deals with the devil.

Now, these men are attacking MacArthur in spite of MacArthur largely sitting out of the Social Justice battle since flying the white flag during the 2019 ShepCon Q&A.

As has been reported almost everywhere, MacArthur recently rebuked Beth Moore, likening her to a television shopping network host and explaining there was no Biblical excuse for a woman preaching.

However, Moore has been a useful ally in pushing evangelicalism to the hardcore left that Mohler, Duncan, and Dever (all of whom have radically changed their views in the last 5 years) desire to take it. Moore’s powerful grip on the souls of women and her fearlessness to say patently stupid things, along with her status as a supposed past sexual victim, make her immune to almost any and all criticism.

Even though Mohler and Duncan supposedly share MacArthur’s views on women preachers (both happily share and give the stage to female preachers), they still have found reason to “cast shade” upon MacArthur instead of defend him while it seems the entire world is angry at the elder statesman for simply giving God’s opinion on the matter.

Duncan tweeted this shortly after MacArthur’s comments about Beth Moore became public. He did not mention MacArthur’s name (these types never mention names…ever) for the sake of plausible deniability, but literally zero out of a thousand people don’t know who he is talking about.

This is about the same time that SBC President, JD Greear, mocked Dr. MacArthur and invited the crazy-eyed, hair-dyed prophetess to “his house” (the SBC) any time.

Some have wondered where Albert Mohler has been, with his denomination burning down around him. Some still presume (foolishly) that Mohler is secretly against the Social Justice movement (as he tells people privately). Mohler’s absence from this discussion has become one of mockery, as of late, as he’s willing to give an opinion on everything except the SBC’s liberal drift to the left.

Greear tagged his MacArthur-mocking tweet with the hashtag #BFM2000. Greear is hiding behind the precise wording of the Southern Baptist doctrinal statement (which Mohler helped to write in its 2000 revision), which doesn’t explicitly forbid female preachers. However, it was presumed in the year 2000 that this level of common sense was already known, and they were not overly concerned at the time with leftists finding loopholes in the document, let alone foresee it would be Albert Mohler would be driving a bus full of female preachers through that loophole.

Mohler then got onto Twitter to affirm JD Greear’s mockery of Dr. MacArthur, who announced at ShepCon he would not fight.

Greear’s argument is that the SBC “unwaveringly holds” to complementarianism (LOL) but that women can essentially do anything men can do (including preach) so long as they’re not called “pastor.”

It’s no wonder that Duncan and Mohler feel that they can attack MacArthur and have those attacks conducted by surrogates. MacArthur admitted preemptively he would not fight his friends.

That’s too bad…because they’re sure willing to fight him.

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