Danny Akin Pretends He Is Mad at John MacArthur’s Tone

Danny Akin (President of the embattled Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) speaks of himself as someone “who wants to advocate a kinder, gentler, complementarianism.”

Today he chided John MacArthur for saying “go home,” when MacArthur was asked how he would summarize his thoughts on Beth Moore.

Without naming the name of the man he is obviously critiquing (a move that is both cowardly and typical), Akin chides MacArthur for using an “unkind and unloving” tone.

This is ironic, since he recently called Beth Moore stupid on a hot mic.

Is Danny Akin, the man who called Beth Moore “stupid” when he didn’t know he was on a hot mix, really concerned about MacArthur’s tone? Probably not.

In fact, Danny Akin wants to advocate a different viewpoint. He advocates a new standard, the one of Russell Moore (2019, not 2009).

Why do I claim this? Because Danny Akin has named his position, and it differs from MacArthur’s. On the hot mic, Danny Akin said the article by Owen Strachan defending traditional complementarianism and warning against Beth Moore’s approach was “flat wrong, both in tone and in content…” (Source)

Someone who agreed with the traditional view shared by Owen Strachan and John MacArthur could never have said such a thing.

Danny Akin’s view is evolving, like Russell Moore’s. Akin says, “I don’t ask the first question, what is it that woman can’t do? I ask the different question, what is it that woman can do, and I think they can do a lot.” He continues: “She (Beth Moore) would certainly see herself as a Complementarian. I am now becoming aware of the fact that there are conversations going on among women in leadership positions in the SBC, that want to push a little bit on the aspects of Danvers.”

There is something very wrong and deceptive about how Danny Akin attacks John MacArthur.

Jacob Brunton explains it:

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