HOT MIC: Baptist Leader Calls Beth Moore Stupid

We sure love Dr. MacArthur. This post is about Danny Akin.

An important Baptist leader was caught on hidden audio calling Beth Moore Stupid. This should add to the outrage of those upset at Dr. MacArthur giving his sincere and respectful (but blunt) opinion that Beth Moore should “go home.”

As woke evangelicals are gravely upset at MacArthur’s opinion, we should be reminded that it was actually SEBTS president, Danny Akin, who called Beth Moore “stupid.” MacArthur was actually far more respectful.

“Beth says: Preaching at such-in-such — preaching on Sunday March 8, shhh don’t tell anybody. Absurd. Which is stupid… I think she said something dumb.” 

— Danny Akin

Pulpit & Pen is glad to see discernment (of a sort) coming from Danny Akin. But some have raised concerns that Akin’s hot mic remarks don’t match his latest virtue signaling. Which Danny Akin is the real one?

As Akin throws stones at Dr. MacArthur for saying something publicly (and far more respectfully) about Beth Moore, we should also know that Danny has said far worse about Moore…but privately.

Akin and the Social Justice Warriors don’t have a problem with MacArthur’s position. In theory, they’re supposed to share it. They have a problem with his boldness.

Read Akin’s tweet here.

Read the transcript or listen to the audio of Danny Akin calling Beth Moore stupid here.