Pete Buttigieg Announces ‘Adopt a Gay Program’ Sounds Like Predator “Grooming” Scheme

Pete Buttigieg’s sodomy partner (left), Pete Buttigieg (right)

U.S. Democratic primary presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg – a homosexual and supposed practicing ‘evangelical Christian’ – is announcing his plans for what we can best describe as an ‘Adopt a Gay Program.’

Claiming that sexually misguided children are more likely to inflict self-harm without an adult coming alongside them to excuse (or take advantage) of their confusion, Buttigieg is modeling his new program after the famous ‘Big Brother’ program and he especially credits a spin-off designed for politicians created by Barack Obama called, “My Brother’s Keeper Program.”

In Buttigieg’s scenario, politicians, public servants, and community leaders will ‘adopt’ LGBTQXYZ youth so as to become “empathetic” to the needs of sexually misguided children.

Buttigieg announced in his campaign’s ‘white paper’ on the pilot program envisioned by the gay candidate…

Despite the immense strides we’ve made towards LGBTQ+ equality, it is still easy for an LGBTQ+ person to feel more shame than pride over who they are and who they love. We must begin to change this culture. Knowing one accepting adult lowers the risk of suicide for an LGBTQ person by 40 percent. Learning from initiatives like the My Brother’s Keeper Program launched by President Barack Obama, the We Belong National Mentorship Program will call on leaders in the public and private sectors to mentor LGBTQ+ youth and strengthen the resources, self-love, and sense of belonging they need to thrive.

Social media has not responded positively to Buttigieg’s offer to “mentor” LGBTQXYZ minors. One commenter summed up most concerns by tweeting: Headquarters, Buttigieg’s bedroom. Another added, “This sounds like an LGBTQ predatory grooming scheme.”

“Adopting” LGBTQXYZ minors in order to “mentor” them, brainstormed by a gay man, does seem a little sketchy. Even Buttigieg’s own supporters are acknowledging that it’s a recipe for disaster.

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