This Boy Was Just Crowned Homecoming ‘Queen’ in California

Remember back when schools taught science and biology? At a high school in Clovis, California, they must have dropped the subject altogether because they just crowned a boy as “homecoming queen.” Queens, in case you don’t know, are females. But this student, Taylor Meyer, is a boy.

Not knowing the biological difference between boys and girls must be the fad of 2019, because this news follows on the heels of another story from Memphis, in which a high school boy was crowned “Royal Court” (that school removed gender-specific language and no longer call it “queen”).

In the Memphis report, the boy made no attempt to look like a female, other than his choice of a wardrobe; in fact, he looked like he should’ve been on the football team. The young man just crowed “Queen” in California, however, made a (failed) attempt to at least look feminine.

He failed, but at least he tried.

The 5’10 boy wasn’t convincing as a girl.

Trevor Meyer had been nominated previously as a “prince” but he wanted to be a “queen.” Identifying as “gender-neutral” (somebody inform that kid that “queen” is not a gender-neutral term), Meyer was crowned “homecoming queen.”

The crowd at Lamonica Stadium cheered wildly as other beautiful and real girls stood aside, with their hopes dashed as the school sent the message that boys can be better girls than even real girls.

The crowd seemed oblivious to the facts that this was a boy, and eager to sow into his delusions.

The homecoming king, Shawno Roberts, told the press, “Honestly, I respect it. That’s who he is as a person. I respect it.”

Apparently, no one gave Shawno the facts that a “he” is not “gender-neutral,” nor that if he was being himself then he wouldn’t be in a dress.

Meyer was being who he was wasn’t.

Meyer explained his gender was “neutral” and “fluid,” adding, “I wear makeup and high heels every single day. For me, gender is more of a spectrum. There are days when I feel more masculine. There are days when I feel more feminine.”

Then Meyer told the press, “I’m super nervous and I really have to pee.”

One wonders if when he did pee, he did it standing up…because he could have. Because he is a he.