Climate Alarmists Profane Church Sacraments in London

Climate change activists blocking Lambeth Bridge, using Christian ordinances to protest global warming.

Climate change conspiracy theorists and global warming alarmists are using Christian Sacraments as to create havoc, interrupting religious services and profaning church ordinances to push their agenda.

The climate change protest was held on Lambeth Bridge in London. In an act of blasphemy, Baptisms and the Eucharist (a Greek word meaning giving of thanks, sometimes used as synonymous with Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper) celebrations, were offered as protests against perceived inaction on global warming. For most Christians, this is the height of blasphemy.

Divinely instituted ordinances of the authentic Christian faith have been co-opted to serve a secular agenda that has nothing to do with what these Christ-honoring practices were given for originally. This assembly and its spreading influence is clearly as far from true Christianity as is the east from the west.

Despite foot-washing, baptisms, and prayer vigils, these so-called Christian leaders are not following the ordinances of Christ nor do they, apparently, have any recognition of the significance of the Christian practices as intended by God. Christian Baptism is a memorial to the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ and is performed upon Christians as they are immersed into water based on their trust in Christ for redemption. It is an act of obedience to the command of Christ. So, unless the protesters were jumping into the Thames, it didn’t even “look like” authentic baptism.

As for the Lord’s Supper celebration, this is a memorial to the death, burial, resurrection, and second coming of Christ. It is administered by officer of the local congregation in a solemn manner. These ordinances are hijacked by professing ministers and are blasphemously utilized to draw attention to perceived social ills. However noble these people may appear, one day they will answer to the real God of Scripture. Their god is a made-up “mother earth” whom they have invented and has replaced the True Living God revealed in Scripture (see Jeremiah 10) in the consciousness of the populace.

When one considers what the mainline “Christians” are passionate about, it becomes clear that Christ is not in this form of “Christianity.”

The “Rev Helen Burnett,” the so-called “vicar” (a word Protestants believe should be reserved for the Holy Spirit) at St Peter and St Paul’s Chaldon, Southwark, said that the Christian activists wanted to bring their faith into the ‘heart’ of the protest…For many of us this is a spiritual act of witness,’ she said. ‘So [sic] it makes sense to celebrate this part of our faith and bring it into the heart of the protest.” 

Holly-Anna Petersen said, “Shutting down roads around Westminster may seem like a drastic step but we believe it’s necessary because of the drastic state of the global climate…Extinction Rebellion began last October because it was clear we needed to take urgent action and since then the climate crisis has only got worse.”

It may be ironic that this whole endeavor began in October of last year and is being celebrated by these loonies this year as well. However, it has nothing in common with the true Christian faith concerning salvation grounded in Scripture alone, obtained by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone and unto the glory of God alone, which was authentically recovered in the Reformation begun in October 1517. 

It is remarkable that these people are even considered Christians by the media. It is a shame, that not even Christianity Today makes any comment on the foolishness and waywardness of these professors. Despite their honest attempts to represent Christianity, unless they repent and believe the true gospel according to the true grace of God, they will end up in a place that can truly be described as ‘globally warming;” indeed, warming would be an extreme understatement.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by Theodore Zachariades]

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