Video: Kanye West Changes Lyrics of Song to “Convert Atheists Into Believers”

One of Kanye’s songs from the past included lyrics that said he was not trying to argue or convert atheists. He performed the song this weekend, but the lyrics noticeably changed to claim that he is trying to “convert atheists into believers.”

Pulpit & Pen reported previously that some of the religious advisers around Kanye West are surprisingly orthodox and – even more surprisingly – he seems to be taking some of their advice. With rumors that he was born-again in a Reformed Baptist Church just a few mere weeks ago circulating around, it does seem interesting that he has made positive overtures like having a Master’s graduate preach the Gospel at his ‘Sunday Service’ and retiring from secular music.

So then, his trajectory seems to continue in the right direction with his performance of an older song with noticeably changed lyrics that have gone from non-proselytizing to evangelical in nature.

Adam Ford put the two clips together on his Instagram page.


The change is subtle, but it is important. It seems that Kanye’s take on religion was one that was satisfied letting atheists be atheists. In his latest rendition, he says the opposite; he’s here to convert them.

Pray for Kanye West, and whatever path he may or may not be on. Love, after all, hopes all things (1 Corinthians 13:7).