AUDIO: Dr. Brown Told Todd Bentley His Victims Have Sinned WORSE by Going Public

In shocking audio footage that should send the charismatic world reeling, Todd Bentley claimed to an audience over the weekend that Dr. Michael Brown told him that no matter what, his accusers have sinned worse than Bentley because they made their accusations publicly.

Brown – who is heading up the investigation into Bentley’s homosexuality, sexual harassment, polyamory, and substance abuse – has attacked Bentley’s accusers before, and he regularly attacks whistleblowers who come forward about charismatic abuse.

Bentley already confessed to most of the recent accusations against him and claims that Rick Joyner knew about his gross sexual immorality and was seeking to help him. Joyner, in return, attacked Bentley’s accusers and said they had a spirit of “witchcraft.”

Brown allegedly told Bentley, “Michael Brown looked at me and said ‘Even if you were guilty of everything – and I mean absolutely everything, let’s just say you were – they are more wrong in their unbiblical public exposing than your entire sin-load…”

Bentley then went on to explain, “…so you don’t get to read the findings.” This seems to indicate that the “findings” of Michael Brown will not be made publicly available.

Then, Bentley went on to attack the church and threaten with his attorney, claiming that someone (other than him) have done something criminal.

This all sounds really repentant, right?

Brown has extreme charismatic tendencies and close affiliations with the worst progenitors of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Brown’s chief role in the NAR is as its apologist, providing his intellectual acumen for excuses for their gross sins and doctrinal heresies. As subtle as a snake, this false prophet hides a Cheshire Cat smile of lies underneath his mustache, as he serves as an apologist for the devil.

Should charismatics trust the “investigation process” set for Todd Bentley and the leaders in the charismatic movement who have supported him and helped to cover up his sin?

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