Rick Joyner Says Bentley Should Be Restored AGAIN and Accusers Are Guilty of ‘Witchcraft’

Rick Joyner (left) and Michael Brown (right)

Influential Word-Faith and New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Apostle, Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries, has claimed that Todd Bentley’s sexual accusers “have the spirit of witchcraft.” Joyner was named by Bentley as having known all along about his continued sexual immorality but chose instead to cover it up.

Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley – who was restored to the ministry by Rick Joyner and Bill Johnson after cheating on his wife during his Lakeland Revival and subsequently marrying his mistress – is now being accused (credibly) of sodomy, polyamory, sexual harassment, and substance abuse. Even though Bentley acknowledged the validity of much of the accusations in a confession video, he claimed that Rick Joyner knew about his sins all along and was working with him to improve.

Joyner, who has covered-up Bentley’s gross sins, is now out on the attack, claiming that Bentley’s accusers are guilty of “witchcraft.”

In the video, Joyner admits to knowing about Bentley’s sexual assaults. He also admits to not telling anybody about it. However, Joyner denies that he “covered-up” anything and claims the accusation is bizarre.

Joyner went on to say that whistleblowing is “of the devil.”

“When people come to me with pressuring, manipulating, especially threatening if I don’t do something their way, or in their time, I know that’s the devil,” said Joyner.

He continued, “That’s in Scripture, counterfeit spiritual authority which is called witchcraft. That is not the Holy Spirit. We’ve got to start recognizing what is from the Holy Spirit and what is not.”

Joyner says that Bentley should still be restored. He also claimed in the video that God told him in 2008 that Bentley would repeatedly fall into sin in big ways and have to be restored over and over again.

It would have been nice, had God prophesied to Joyner that Bentley was a total scumbag who would turn gay and practice polyamory that he would have told the rest of us. It would have been good to know.

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