Rejected by Southwest Baptist University, Hero Whistle-Blowing Professor to Serve the U.S. Army

Clint Bass (center, in blue polo shirt) sits with his wife, Jackie, and their four children.

Nearly 10 months after being terminated from Southwest Baptist University for exposing blatant heresy, Clint Bass has been commissioned for a new career. With the blessing of his church, he will now begin training as an Army chaplain.

Clint Bass was terminated from employment at Southwest Baptist University—with no severance—on November 28th, 2018. Pulpit and Pen has provided in-depth reporting on the corrupt proceedings at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri under president Eric Turner (see below).

Clint Bass had worked as a professor in the SBU department of theology, and had become concerned that a number of other faculty members were teaching annihilationism, inclusivism, and a purgatory-like chance for salvation in the afterlife.

As we reported in December 2018, individuals within the Missouri Baptist Convention were also concerned about the doctrinal shortcomings of some within the university, and they reached out to Dr. Bass, who began to take notes and evaluate the teachings at SBU.

Clint Bass

Instead of taking appropriate action to determine whether SBU professors were in fact in violation of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, president Eric Turner fired Clint Bass and asked for access to the notes he had taken on his concerns.

Southwest Baptist University President Eric Turner

To see the evidence of institutional heresy and to review all the background information, including the kangaroo court led by ecumenist David Dockery, see our previous posts, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Gladly for Clint Bass, the season of dealing with the corrupt and godless administration at Southwest Baptist University is now behind him. Southern Hills Baptist Church, where he served as a lay elder for nine years has commissioned him for his new career as a chaplain with the second brigade in the 101st Airborne division in Fort Campbell, KY. He will enter the ranks as a captain.

The Pathway (a publication of the Missouri Baptist Convention) reports that Clint Bass expressed his gratitude for the church’s love and support.

“This is a wonderful church, and I can’t say enough about all the support I’ve received from them over the last nine months – the amount of meals, groceries dropped off, the amount of prayers and words of encouragement,” Bass said. “This is a very strong congregation, full of prayerful people.”

Bass added that he is “thankful for the opportunity to serve in the Army” as a chaplain.