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SBU President, Eric Turner, Admits College Doctrine is Off, But Doesn’t Repent

News Division

SBU President, Eric Turner

Eric Turner, the president of Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri, recently admitted in a letter sent to an obscure SBC blog, that the doctrine of his institution was askew. However, Turner refused to repent for firing the man who brought their doctrinal problems to light and will continue to employ those who are teaching heresy.


Various leaders at the Missouri Baptist Convention became concerned with reports that one of its instructional institutions, Southwest Baptist University, had professors that were teaching contrary to its statement of faith and, in some cases, outright heresy.

Knowing that false teachers rarely admit that they’re teaching falsely – especially if their employment is on the line – they asked a professor, Clint Bass, to pay attention to the theology being taught at the college. Bass did so, including compiling factual reports about annihilationism, pseudo-universalism, and a strange purgatorial view being taught by more than one professor, including Redford School of Theology dean, Rodney Reeves.

The evidence of Reeve’s false doctrine was air-tight, and included audio, transcripts, and student testimony. There was no doubt that Reeves and others were teaching that which contradicted doctrine held to by Missouri Baptists. You can find all the evidence of their false teachings in our post, The Evidence Against Rodney Reeves and Southwest Baptist University.

However, upon discovering that Professor Bass was taking notes on the theology taught by the college, Turner fired him on the spot and claimed that Turner was “undermining the integrity of the institution.” This was written about in our post, Southwest Baptist University Fires Prof for Objecting to Heresy.

Playing ‘dirty pool,’ Turner and his associates ‘set up’ an SBC trustee who took exception with Bass’ firing, giving him documents related to the ordeal and asking him to take it to Bass’ church for them to investigate and possibly discipline Bass. When the trustee, Mr. Lee, did so – under their order – they then censured him for sharing the confidential information they asked him to share. This was written about in our post, Missouri Baptists Speak Out With the Real Story About SBU Heresy, Corruption, And Cover-Up, which was contributed by a Missouri Baptist intimately familiar with the situation.

After a petition circulated supporting Bass and SBU alumni spoke out affirming Bass’ accounts, Eric Turner went into crisis mode while SBU and MBC trustees derelicted their duty to get to the bottom of things, handing off the investigation to an ecumenist, David Dockery.

So then, we awaited for Dockery to tell us what everyone already knows…SBU’s doctrine is down the toilet, Eric Turner will have no accountability, Professor Bass won’t be hired back, and the heretics – including Rodney Reeves – will hold onto their position.

Turner made that clear in his letter that was sent to the obscure Baptist blog by a Missouri pastor.


After using way too many unnecessary words, Turner reluctantly got to the point…

The key finding of the [The Dockery Committee] is the University’s Statement of Faith has not been implemented effectively across the fabric of the University. The Statement of Faith was adopted in 1921 and recently reaffirmed by Missouri Baptist Convention messengers in 2012. For the long-term health and faithfulness of SBU, the institution must clarify its Statement of Faith to be a clear and compelling theological framework.

Oddly enough, Turner says the course of action by SBU should be to “clarify its Statement of Faith.”

Uh, no. It’s sufficiently clear. It was written as though for eight-year-olds.

What SBU should do is rehire Bass (because they fired him for being a Berean), fire the professors who know very well they’re teaching against the institution’s statement of faith, and then fire Dr. Turner for his handling of the situation.


Turner wrote…

In addition, the committee determined, due to the lack of a clearly implemented Statement of Faith, the doctrinal position of SBU has been perceived as ambiguous. This lack of clarity has led to an erosion of trust between the University and Missouri Baptists. SBU and the Missouri Baptist Convention must work together to restore that trust.

Of course, the doctrine of the college has not been “ambiguous.” It’s been heretical. But if “trust” is to be restored between the college and the state convention, they must rehire the one they wrongly fired and fire the ones they wrongly hired. It’s not that complicated.

But if “trust” is to be restored between the college and the state convention, they must rehire the one they wrongly fired and fire the ones they wrongly hired. It’s not that complicated.

Turner has no plans to step down, no plans to rehire Clint Bass (or apologize to him, apparently), and no plans to fix the problem of heresy (firing the heretical professors).

Turner makes clear that the only thing he’s really interested in is repairing the relationship between SBU and the Missouri churches that fund it. It’s apparent he could care less about the doctrine taught throughout the institution.