‘Black’ Activist Claims Trump Has Kept Him from Becoming a Pastor

A social media figure closely affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, who is also a professional victim and racist, claims that President Donald J. Trump kept him from becoming a pastor and church planter.

Kyle J. Howard, who ethnically is as much Caucasian as African, was raised in an affluent Atlanta suburb by two loving parents who were both attorneys. Howard was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, with all the privileges and luxuries of the upper class.

However, at some point in the last several years of community activism, the racial incendiary contrived a tale of having secretly been in the Crips gang in high school and raised in the dangerous ‘hood.’ Howard claims that his girlfriend (now wife) and parents did not know about his gang affiliation and that there are no members of his gang left to substantiate his tales because they’re all dead or in prison.

Howard also claims that he was once a promising up-and-coming underground battle-rapper. We’ve offered a 2-thousand-dollar bounty on information from anyone who can substantiate these tall tales, but no piece of corroborating information has been presented us.

For Kyle J. Howard, who has more white privilege than most people of a far lighter melanin count, there’s no problem in his life that hasn’t been caused by white conservatives.

Inexplicably, Howard also claims…get this…Donald Trump has thwarted his plans to be a pastor.

Howard has also lied about his “internship” at HeartCry Missionary Society, making up more than just one part about his background and testimony.

It’s hard to identify with a victimhood identity group when you’ve been the product of the American Dream for all people, for immigrant parents who were able to improve their lives and use capitalism to provide their spoiled-rotten kids anything they could ever want. So, Kyle J. Howard just started making it up.

However, if somehow the presidency of Donald Trump did keep this sociopathic liar with a false life story from becoming a pastor, it might just be one more reason to vote for Donald Trump in 2020.

If it means four more years of Kyle J. Howard staying out of the pulpit, that truly is making America great again.

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