Seminary Creates 1.7 Million “Reparation Fund”

Wokeness has reached a whole new level, as a Virginia seminary is setting aside 1.7 million dollars in an endowment for reparation to slave descendants. Feeling guilty over the sins of their ancestors, Virginia Theological Seminary is putting their money where their mouth is, and intends to pay back those who might be related to relatives mistreated by the seminary generations ago.

The seminary noted that the goal of the reparation fund was to “repair the material consequences of our sin in the past.” Virginia Theological Seminary was founded in 1823 and slaves helped to build its Alexandria campus. In fact, one of its buildings,  Aspinwall Hall, was constructed by slave labor. Later, the school refused to admit blacks even up until the 1950s.

 Rev. Ian Markham, the president of the seminary, said that the money was just a “start.”

“This is a start,” said Markahm. “As we seek to mark the Seminary’s milestone of 200 years, we do so conscious that our past is a mixture of sin as well as grace.”

A task force was created to track down descendants of the slaves who worked on the facility construction and give them money collected from current student tuition fees.

There are no known students of Virginia Theological Seminary who currently own slaves.

The seminary belongs to the Protestant Episcopal Church, a famously leftist denomination.

Virginia Theological Seminary is just the first, and probably not the last, Social Justice seminary to consider paying a bribe to expunge their racist past.

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