New Mexico Mom Killed Baby with Heroin, Then Dumped Corpse in Garbage

A baby’s body was found in a garbage can in New Mexico. After putting the pieces together, it seems that the mother gave birth to the baby, who was addicted to heroin from the womb because of her own addiction. The mother shot-up the baby with heroin to keep the baby from suffering withdraw, but the baby died (probably from an overdose).

According to the New York Post, a search warrant for the camper trailer where the mom lives in Alcalde, NM was served after the father said he returned from a trip and his girlfriend no longer looked pregnant. The Albuquerque Journal also reported on this sad affair.

When issuing the search warrant, police found the baby dead inside a tote bag, inside a garbage bag, placed by the toilet in the home. The mother didn’t even bother taking the corpse out of the trailer house. Police said that the “smell of death” was palpable.

The mother claims she passed out during labor and woke up with an unresponsive baby. The father claims the baby was shot-up with heroin to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

As tragic as this account is, the only difference between this horrifying tale and what happens at Planned Parenthood is a matter of timing.