Historic Baptist Church Hires ‘Transgender’ Pastor

Mr. Saunders, with a five o’clock shadow, will pastor the church and go by the name, “Erica”

Mr. Saunders goes by the first name, ‘Erica,’ and began cross-dressing during seminary. Now, he pretends to be a woman full-time and will become the pastor of a historic Baptist church that founded a Southern Baptist seminary.

Mr. Saunders was recently ordained by Wake Forest Baptist Church. That church was founded in 1835. That congregation is the ‘paternal’ church (as their website calls it) of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, which is the epicenter of the ‘woke’ Social Justice movement in the SBC.

Peace Community Church is now calling Mr. Saunders to pastor the congregation, although they will humor his gender dysphoria and call him by his fake name and use the wrong gender pronouns in reference to him.

The pulpit search committee released a letter which told the congregation that they narrowed the field to two, and then…

“Both candidates were very strong candidates, but Erica stood out as a candidate with unique strengths. Bright, compassionate, faith-filled and spirit-led with a loving presence, she showed as much interest in each of us as we did in her. At the end of our time together on Sunday, when we formed a circle and said a departing prayer, I think we felt and she felt a sense of calling to our church.”

The church should prepare itself for when Mr. Saunders takes an interest in their children.

[Editor’s Note: HT Baptist News Global]