Great News: Late-Term Abortion Clinic Finally Forced to Close

In what is good news, an Ohio late-term abortion clinic was forced to close this week after the state Supreme Court refused to hear their appeals case regarding their closure caused by the Ohio Department of Health. The Women’s Med Center of Dayton, a place where babies were partially-delivered in order to execute them, is finally closed.

According to Operation Rescue, the clinic is owned by an abortion entrepreneur who made millions in industry, Martin Haskel. The clinic was just one of a small handful throughout the country that are willing to slaughter the unborn up until the time of natural birth. Often these clinics induce childbirth in order to kill the person as they’re coming out the birth canal.

What ultimately shut down this clinic was a state law that required abortionists have admitting privileges at local hospitals and local hospitals that refused to issue the privileges to homicidal maniacs with medical degrees.

The facility had been operating since 2015 without a medical license at all, which was when the Ohio Department of Health first began the process of trying to enforce licensing requirements that the clinic could not meet. Unfortunately, so long as an appeal was scheduled, the clinic was allowed to murder babies in the interim, and so many more babies have died at the hands of these murderers for the last four years.

As the Ohio Department of Health was trying to close the facility and they were operating under the appeals process, a number of abortive mothers had to be rushed to the local hospital for botched procedures.

Because the Ohio Supreme Court refused to hear the clinic’s final appeal, they will now be forced to close.