‘Woke’ Homeschool Curriculum Designed to Indoctrinate Your Kids

Are you looking for a way to teach your kids how to loathe their own nation, despise their own ethnicity, lament their privilege, and detest the wealth and prosperity of their parents? Look no further, because Woke Homeschooling now has a curriculum to indoctrinate your kids on what’s wrong with America and how to topple Western Civilization in the name of political correctness.

The website defines the curriculum’s purpose.

The curriculum is written by Delina Pryce McPhaull, who runs a homeschool Facebook group on indoctrinating kids in wokeness.

The “story-driven lessons” advertized on the curriculum guide (below) refers to one of the tenets of Critical Race Theory, which is story telling. Because CRT proponents cannot demonstrate systemic racism in America with statistics or empirical evidence, it requires subjective story-telling and anecdotal evidence.

The website also promises active learning, “prayer prompts” (God-haters get pretty religious whenever it’s indoctrination time), an “emphasis on African American history” and “built-in rest time.”

In reality, what’s taught in the “Woke” Homeschool Curriculum is probably not altogether different from what you may find in the public school system.

However, if you would like an alternative to the indoctrination of wokeness, consider Christendom Curriculum, which you can find here. It provides a politically-incorrect but historically accurate perspective of Western Civilization that relies upon history, stats, and objective truth rather than “story-telling’ and subjective feelings.

If you’re a Pulpit & Pen Patreon supporter, you can get a discount code for 10% off the Christendom Curriculum (message us from your Patreon account for the code). Somebody is going to be indoctrinating (teaching) your kids. It better be you.