When Will Evangelicals Write Against Alt-Left Terrorism?

The Social Justice Democrats (symbol, left) and Antifa (right) have the same connections…Zack Exley

Evangelicals are out signaling their virtue like kids at camp run dirty underwear up the flagpole. From Beth Moore to Russell Moore, they want us to know how wicked “alt-right” ideology is, but are utterly silent on the alt-left hatred of the mass murderer in Ohio.

Beth Moore preached at an audience of white supremacists, as though Klan-hooded, cross-burning White Nationalists are looking at her Twitter account.

Pulpit & Pen is one of the only news outlets to release the shooter’s manifesto in full and without commentary, and he does not invoke the name of Christ in his ideology.

Furthermore, while it is true that the El Paso shooter hated Hispanics, it was because he was concerned they would make it harder to implement Universal Basic Income (UBI) and hurt the environment – two leftist hopes and dreams.

Meanwhile, the shooter in Ohio was pro-Satan. He invoked the devil’s name in his hate-speech, not Jesus. The socialist and Elizabeth Warren supporter was hardly “Christian” or alt-right.

And yet, America’s evangelical leaders have been wagging their finger at extremism on the right, almost inexplicably.

Stetzer tweets as though he’s telling Third-Grade United Methodist girls something they don’t know. Literally, everyone, except maybe kids who were raised with pastors in the rainbow-colored stoles knows that Jesus was a Jew from the Middle East and not a Caucasian.

And yet, Stetzer tweets such obvious, virtue-signaling garbage that no one could possibly disagree with…and yet, somehow, tries to come across as brave.

Russell Moore did a piece for his website (later re-posted in the Christian Post) against ‘White Nationalism’ and how wicked it is, entitled White Nationalist Terrorism and the Gospel. Moore’s point was – and this is shocking, I know – White Nationalism is bad and terrorism is also bad.

What would we do without our Evangelical Overlords speaking so prophetically into our culture?

In the meantime, the El Paso shooter was motivated by the desire to receive more Democratic socialism hand-outs and the Dayton shooter was an Antifa participant.

Where are our Evangelical Leaders’ lectures about violence done by the left and the right? Could it be that it’s the influence of one of their major money funneling sources…Zack Exley?

Zack Exley co-wrote a book titled Rules For Revolutionaries (which is derivative of the Marxist book, Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky) with a woman named Becky Bond. Bond’s organization is called Real Justice.

The purpose of Real Justice is to install District Attorneys all over the United States who will advance their extremism through the legal system on the state and federal level. Under these District Attorneys, “right-wing” groups like the Proud Boys wil be prosecuted, but alt-left groups like Antifa will not be. This explains how Jussie Smollet had his charges dropped, in spite of the evidence against him. That’s the work of Real Justice.

The Dalton shooter, motivated by Satan and Karl Marx, shot up innocent civilians. The El Paso shooter, greedy to not share Democrat social programs, shot up innocent civilians.

When will evangelical leaders speak out against alt-left terrorism, and why haven’t they already?