Evangelical ‘Social Justice Strategizer’ Now Facing Financial Investigations

Zack Exley, the man behind the evangelical Social Justice revolution

After an expose’ on Zack Exley by Pulpit & Pen several weeks ago, it seems that the sugar-daddy of woke evangelicalism might be in trouble with federal prosecutors for corruption and the unauthorized diversion of campaign dollars to his own pet-projects and shell companies.

Zack Exley isn’t an evangelical, but he spent half a decade strategizing how to get evangelicals to vote Democrat before serving on campaigns for Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Now the man who thought up how to get Christians to embrace “Social Justice” to change their voting patterns—and who is funneling cash to ‘woke’ organizations through George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation—is facing a campaign finance scandal for improperly using election funds.

More than $200,000 has gone missing from the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ campaign coffers and straight into the pocket of Zack Exley’s Justice Democrats organization, which then made it into his own organization (and pocket), Middle Seat Consulting. The revelations come after Saikat Chakrabarti, Cortez’ chief-of-staff, resigned for pocketing millions of campaign dollars into his own companies. It seems that Exley was right there beside him, pilfering money for his own shady causes. This was written about in the Free Beacon.

The details are that the Justice Democrats paid Middle Seat Consulting over $205,000 for “consulting work.” Exley owns Middle Seat Consulting, and founded it with Cortez’ chief-of-staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, who (as you read above) laundered millions to his own two companies from donations meant to benefit Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ campaign. Justice Democrats has since been called a “slush fund” for pilfering money from the naive freshman Congresswoman from New York.

Exley’s Justice Democrats brought in over $800k and spent roughly $700k by the first half of this year. Now, it seems a ton of that money (both through Exley and Chakrabarti) is missing.

Considering Exley is working for Soros’ Open Societies Foundation to funnel money to groups like the Evangelical Immigration Table and strategized how to get evangelicals to vote leftward through Social Justice, what’s the likelihood that money meant for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ campaign is actually being diverted to the ‘woke’ evangelical institutions that have suddenly found the cash to start Social Justice Departments?

Pulpit & Pen was notified of this development by an anonymous source (pointing us first to the Free Beacon articles) and then by saying…

“Exley is an idealogue. He’s not using this money for a personal yacht. His money, taken from Ocasio Cortez, is going directly into the Social Justice cause he envisioned back a decade ago. Money from New York donors is showing up in Wake Forest. What the prosecutors discover is truly going to be epic.”