Interview with Steven Anderson: Is He Becoming a Reformed Baptist?

JD took time for a phone call interview with Steven Anderson, the controversial Independent Fundamental Baptist preacher from Arizona. We wrote about this turn of events in the post, Bizarre Turn: Steven Anderson Now Embraces Calvinists.

A Reformed Baptist in the Phoenix area began to talk with Anderson, befriending him and explaining beliefs related to the 1689 Confession of Faith. The two also had a similarity, which was their view of the Holy Bible. Anderson then surprised the world when he released the post calling the Calvinist friend a brother-in-Christ.

Now, Anderson is committing himself to studying the 1689 Confession, and so far agrees with it.

JD and Anderson discuss his efforts to teach Greek, and his influence among Reformed Baptists who want to learn it. The two also discuss why Anderson would want to know Greek, if he is KJV-only, and the English is inspired of God.

It really is a fascinating conversation between the two men, and clearly, neither one endorse each other or each other’s ministries, but many are wondering what’s happening with Anderson but are afraid to ask.

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