Bizarre Turn: Steven Anderson Now Embraces Calvinists

Earlier today, we discovered that arch-Calvinist, Mark Driscoll, recently said that the “Calvinism is garbage.” And now, we discover that arch-anti-Calvinist, Steven Anderson, embraces Calvinists as Christian brothers-in-Christ.

It’s a crazy world we live in, and the theological poles seem to be shifting.

Anderson, the fiery Independent Fundamental Baptist preacher who we’ve written about here (and who everyone from the MSM to Info Wars has written about as well), recently made the comments after criticism was received for partnering with a Reformed Baptist minister on various projects.

The Tempe preacher is known for preaching about Jesus wearing britches, urinating against the wall, and praying imprecatory prayers against the POTUS. He also has been on Alex Jones’ Info Wars, and even more famously, was tased on camera by U.S. Border Patrol.

However, Anderson is also known for anathematizing Calvinists and preaching angry sermons against those who hold to the doctrines of predestination and election. You can see some examples below.



But as strange as Driscoll calling Calvinism garbage, Anderson now embraces – at least some – Calvinist preachers as good Christian brothers.

In the following video, Anderson discusses his return from Cypress. Anderson referred to a local Reformed Baptist Pastor named Dane Johanson, who accompanied him on the trip.

Anderson said, “First, I want to say that this pastor is a saved man…we’ve been out soul-winning together for hours and hours. So we believe the same Gospel; he’s right on salvation.”

Anderson went on to say that he wasn’t personally a Reformed Baptist and wasn’t a Calvinist, but that he would be working on a film with Johanson because “he is saved.”

Their affinity for one another seems to be, according to Anderson, that they both hold to the Textus Receptus. You can watch the video below.