Surprising Few, Joshua Harris Shows Up at Gay Pride Parade

Looking gayer than Jonathan Merritt in capris pants, Joshua Harris showed up over the weekend at a gay pride event in Vancouver. Christians had been wondering if Harris would soon announce himself a homosexual after denouncing Christ, denouncing purity, and apologizing to the sodomy-centered community for anything he might have previousy done, said, or written that could have hurt their feelings.

While Harris hasn’t yet come out of the closet, this type of photo doesn’t help.

Gay shirt. Check.

Gay doughnut. Check

Man purse. Check.

Harris, who was once known for championing Christian purity, denounced Jesus last month. A few weeks before that, he denounced his marriage. The only silver lining is that Harris isn’t marching in gay pride parades while still claiming to be a Christian.

Harris shared numerous photos of his rainbow peacocking about through his Instagram account, including with Matthias Roberts – host of Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being – and gay singer Trey Pearson.

They all looked…cozy.

Harris is one of many contributors and speakers at left-of-center The Gospel Coalition who have gone apostate or become disqualified over the last few years.

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