LOL. Top Democratic Staffers Fired Because They’re Not “Diverse” Enough

Top staffers with the Democratic National Committee have been fired for failing to uphold diversity standards within the party. Essentially, they were too white and heterosexual.

If you’re a Democratic staffer who doesn’t identify with an oppressed minority group, you better find one fast. Maybe try the left-handed support group, or the slightly-shorter-than-normal guild, or develop some kind of limp that will make you pass as disabled. Join a weird cult or toxic foreign religion, preferably one that makes you dress funny.

It’s cathartic to watch the Democratic Party, ever entrenched in Identity Politics, eat itself for not being black enough, gay enough, victimized enough, or Muslim enough. But, that’s exactly what’s happening.

According to Politico, the best staffers at the DNC left their jobs yesterday after they were told they didn’t uphold the party’s diversity requirements.

Allison Jaslow, DCCC executive director resigned as did Jared Smith, the communications director, Melissa Miller, a top DCCC communications aide, Molly Ritner, political director; Nick Pancrazio, deputy executive director; and Van Ornelas, the DCCC’s director of diversity.

Representative Cheri Bustos, chair of the Democratic Committee, told the press…

Today has been a sobering day filled with tough conversations that too often we avoid. But I can say confidently that we are taking the first steps toward putting the DCCC back on path to protect and expand our majority, with a staff that truly reflects the diversity of our Democratic caucus and our party.