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Gender Confused Democrats Put ‘Preferred Pronouns’ on Their Social Media Profiles

Democrats are so confused as to what is and is not male, female, or something imaginary in between, that they’re having to list their preferred pronouns on social media. The gesture is seen as a hat-tip to the LGBTQ+ ‘community’ that prefers the rest of us live in a constant state of confusion as to the state of our or anyone else’s gender.

Just as presidential candidate, Julio Castro, said in the first debate Democratic debate that trans-women (read that: men) need access to abortion, other Democratic candidates are showing a great deal of confusion on the issue of how anatomy relates to gender.

Four ‘cisgender’ (a made-up term for those who don’t lie about their real gender) Democratic presidential candidates have updated their Twitter bios to include their preferred pronouns.

Bill DeBlasio, Elizabeth Warren (who identifies as Native American despite not being Indigenous), Julian Castro, and John Hickenlooper have all suddenly added their pronouns to their public accounts. DeBlasio, Castro, and Hickenlooper explained that they preferred He/Him and Warren posted that she goes by She/Her.

The rest of us in America are saying, “Yeah. We know what you are. We have eyes.”

None of the presidential candidates are trying to be transgender, and so one wonders what’s the point of the specifications, except for shameless pandering to a tiny percentage of the population that suffers from mental illness.