New Bill Proposes to Teach School Kids that ‘Fetuses’ Are Living Human Beings

Basic human biology is an important aspect of childhood education. Thankfully, some in Ohio recognize this fact and are seeking permission from the State Legislature to require schools to teach that unborn babies are, in fact, living human beings.

Not surprisingly, some Democrats (who notoriously are anti-science on matters like abortion and transgenderism) have a problem with kids being taught biology.

A pro-life representative, Naraj Antani, is sponsoring the legislation – House Bill 90 – named the Humanity of the Unborn Child. The legislation will require the Department of Health to work with the Department of Education to create a scientifically accurate curriculum that will teach basic science to kids in regard to the unborn.

Democrats are opposing the legislation on the grounds that fetuses are not human beings because they are the “property” of the pregnant woman, an argument eerily similar to that of antebellum slave-holders.

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